Looking to start riding for the first time? Below are some tips to help you pick the right size board, the right equipment and much more.

How to choose the correct wakeboard size

One of the most common questions when purchasing a Wakeboard is, "What size Board should I be Riding?" So we put together a guide to help you answer that question!

Q: What size board?
A: Your weight is one of the biggest factors in choosing the right size. Different wakeboards have specific guidelines, because of there shape. A good rule of thumb to go buy is, if multiple people are going to be using the board, base your selection on the weight of the rider that will be using it the most, or the heaviest rider.

General Wakeboard Size Chart - Check each wakeboard manufacture and model for exact size recommendations:

Rider Weight (lbs)

Board Length (cm)

Under 100

130cm or under








144 or greater

The ride will feel different from the different size and shapes. The best way to determine exactly what board is right for you is to come to our shop and talk with our staff and pick out some boards and take advantage of our demo program.

Boat Drivers

Q: What speed should I drive the boat?
A: All water sports and riders are different. Most wake boats today have preset settings that you can use , like beginner, intermediate and Advanced setting or you can set your own. Here is a chart:

Beginner Wake Board : 12-15
Intermediate Wake Board: 15-17
Advanced wake board : 17-22

Again all depends on the rider.

Same chart will also work for water skiing , however advanced skiers know the speed they want to be pulled at.

Wake Surfing is a lot slower and depends greatly on your boat and the ballast that you use for the size of swell or push you are looking for but typically average speeds are 9-12.

No what what water Sport you are enjoying always wear your PFD , be safe and always look out for everyone on the water!